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Oh! I just love to paint. I just love the colours. Its more than a hobby for me. Its even more than a passion for me. Colours, painting is something you need to get ride of the busy life for sometime. It is the best thing to do when you want to feel light and relax. Many people have pursued painting as their profession, because they are really good at it. Painting is so adorable thing. So, are you a painter? Do you want to paint? Are you good at it? Do you want to paint like professionals? Do you want to paint for fun? Are you getting bored? Nothing to do?

No need to worry about all these things now. All these and many more questions have a single and best answer, which is Coloring book Animals for kids. Specifically, this gaming app is launched for kids, but there is no age limit to begin the fun. So, adults can play this game too.

Supported by all the devices including mobile phones, tablets, PC etc. And available on all stores (Android, IOS, Windows). You just need to visit your respective store, search for this amazing coloring and painting gaming application Coloring book Animals for kids, download it for free and let the fun begins with your all-time favorite painting.

Take out your colors, pencils, markers, brushes and glitters to be the professional painter. Yes, all this in a single game. Coloring book Animals for kids include a book which contains a lot of animals drawn by pencil including lion, elephant, Monkeys, wolf, cat, dog, crocodile, tiger, fox, and many other animals. So, just download Coloring book Animals for kids, for free and choose your favorite animal from the book and start painting and coloring the pencil drawn sketch of the animal.

Colour more and more, be creative with your work. Explore your art, and enhance your skills. This is a golden opportunity for painting lovers. So, what are you waiting for?

Download Coloring book Animals for kids APK for free now and let the fun begins.

This amazing coloring and painting gaming application was offered and launched by 2 Bros Games for kids on 8 July 2015. Since then, it has more than 1,00,000,000+ downloads and reviews. File size for this coloring game application is 14.20 MB on Google Play Store. This application was last updated on 13 Dec 2021.

Download Coloring book Animals for Kids now and open the doors of fun and creativity.

Apk File Information
Size:14.2 MB
Updated Date:13 Dec, 2021
Android version:Android 4.0.x and up
Developer:2bros - games for kids

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