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Crazy Restaurant

Hey! Do you like hoteling? Do you like restaurant food? Bored of eating regular home food? Do you want to visit restaurant and have some quality time? Do you want to eat tasty food? These are some questions asked to food lovers. We all love eating restaurant food. We like to hang out. We like to visit different restaurant in the town. Hey! Do you like cooking?

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Do you like cooking exciting dishes for people? Do you like discovering new, tasty and exciting dishes daily? Are you good at it? Is it your dream to be a chef? You want to pursue your hobby as your career? You want to tell the world that you have a great taste in your hands. Do you want to run a restaurant? Do you want to live your dream? Any where and any time you can do this. No, I’m not kidding at all. This is truth. Yes, all this is in your hands. Pick up your device and go to your store. Yes, download this amazing gaming application of cooking genre Crazy Restaurant 2021.

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What’s so special about this game? Why only this game? Why this game is the best? And what are its features? are some common questions that will surely come in user’s mind. Don’t worry, we will entertain your queries related to this gaming application Crazy Restaurant.

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It offers you exciting challenges, you have to make fast food dishes, like Cooking in the kitchen of all types of pizza, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish etc. All flavors including Spicy, Fajita, Tikka, etc. Burgers of all types. You have to make your food special by bringing your specialty while cooking. This is really amazing and exciting. Meeting the challenges, you will reach next levels and earn more. Then you’ll make your own restaurant and after further completing the challenges, you will build more restaurants and ultimately a restaurants in the town. Yes, you will be famous. Yes, you will earn more. Live your dream by playing this super exciting game. Trust me you’ll never get bored of playing it.

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You have an option to download other Kitchen games in which you have an opportunity to learn to face challenges and got the higher level where as in this game. All the visuals, effects, sounds, simulations and backgrounds are real. So, enjoy the real time fun of cooking in your own restaurant for your customer. What are you waiting for? Just download this amazing game and enjoy the super exciting features of Crazy Restaurant . Along with this game, Cooking madness has brought the most exciting and creative features, among other cooking games. Be a chef in just one click. You can pursue your dream profession by just one download. Opportunity to open a restaurant or chain of restaurants. Build it. Decorate it. Set up it. Be the chef, the master chef and cook for your customers.

This game Crazy Restaurant 2021 was offered and launched by cooking games and Girls games on 17 May 2019. This game has more than 1,00,000+ download and views in such short period. It was last updated on 12 August 2021. The file size for this gaming application is 84 MB. Save this page for the future updates, I have added the old versions of this for your convenient as well.

Getting bored? Download Crazy Restaurant 2021 APK now and open the doors of fun.

Crazy Restaurant 2021 Latest Version 1.3.9 From Play Store


Apk File Information
Size:84 MB
Updated Date:13 Dec, 2021
Android version:5.0 and up
Developer:Cooking Games & Girl Games - REVOLX

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