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Do you like acting?

You must be having a particular song, movie or dialogue as favorite.

Do you like to enact those dialogues or songs?

Every person on the earth has a little actor inside. Almost everyone likes acting. Nearly Once in a life everyone has gone in front of mirror to enact something. Well now you don’t have to go in front of mirror, we just have a perfect app for you known as “Dubsmash”

Now the questions are

  • what is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is the best free app for creating videos with music and sound clips”

Dubsmash let’s you create videos of yourselves that are dubbed over with audios from movies, songs, television and internet trends.

  • Who created it?

It was created by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik on November 14th, 2014 and till June 2015 it had been downloaded over 50 million times.

  • How does it work?

Dubsmash is really simple. You just have to select your dub from numerous categories, lip-sync over audio clip and make your own video. You have to enact the dialogue or song and give perfect expressions. Put on all your acting skills to create a fascinating video.

  • What is a Dub?

Dubs are the audio clips of songs, movie or phrases that are performed by users. People get to choose between numerous dubs that are categorized according to their genre.

  • Why is it famous?

Dubsmash is famous due to it’s simplicity. This app is so easy that even a child can use it. Previous app created by Dubsmash creators did not get successful because of its complexity. That app was named ‘Starlize’ but soon it was shut down. The creators realized about complications of those apps and then created Dubsmash that is simple and easy.

  • What are it’s qualities?

Dubsmash has been so much popular. Many other app were also created which were inspired by dubsmash. This app has many features and qualities. Some of them are

  1. Dubsmash is available in approximately 21 languages that are English, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Russian, French, German, Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew and Romanian.
  2. It contains color filters for your videos. You can swipe between different filters and colors.
  3. Text animations can also be added on the videos. Funny emojis and fonts are also available.
  4. It has ‘save to your device’ option. It means your videos can be saved on your phone or other devices.
  5. You can share your videos on other social media platforms by sharing option. Dubsmash videos can be shared to all other trending social media apps.
  6. Unlike many other apps, you can also see who has viewed your videos on Dubsmash.
  7. This app is used to for create and connect purpose. It helps in connecting with others.
  8. It can provide you Fame. Many people have got famous because of Dubsmash. Their videos got viral and they became famous. This is the tastiest perk of dubsmash for fame lovers.
  • How to connect with friends?

The user expertise of dubsmash has been fully redesigned, and users will see the following changes to connect with friends through dubsmash.

Dub Talk Conversations – Users will use video to send messages to friends inside the app, and respond with video reactions.

cluster Conversations – Users will currently produce non-public chats with teams of friends and send and react to messages with custom videos.

  • How to download Dubsmash?

Dubsmash can be downloaded from Google play store or Appstore. Apk version of dubsmash is also available and can be installed very conveniently in your cell phones.

All of the introductory questions have been answered. Now download Dubsmash and get started.

Apk File Information
Package name:com.mobilemotion.dubsmash
Version:6.6.0 (1061589)
Size:78.4 MB
Updated Date:13 Jan, 2022
Android version:Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Developer:Mobile Motion GmbH

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