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Do you use Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular social media application to share photos videos and stories. This is the amazing app which comes after Facebook and WhatsApp but this app also has some limitations. Those limitations are cured in this new app that is GB Instagram.

  • What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is a modified version of official Instagram app. It actually modifies the features of original Instagram. GB Instagram also allows its users to use two Instagram app on one phone, which ultimately enables them to use multiple accounts. GB Instagram is the modified version of Instagram and is better than every other modified version of Instagram apps available on the internet.

  • Why should you use it and What are its highlighted features?

GB Instagram provides its users with more options and feature than regular Instagram. It has modified features. Apart from modification it offers numerous amazing features. Some of the most highlighted features that makes this app popular are

  • Copy bio and captions:
    • GB Instagram allows its users to copy anyone’s bio and captions and paste it in clipboard to use it anywhere.
  • Download images, videos and stories:
    • This is the most amazing and wining feature of GB Instagram. It allows it users to download images of friends from feed or stories without notifying them. It can also download videos but this feature is under maintenance and will be soon available for the users.
  • Zoom pictures:
    • Would you like to check out profile picture of some of your friends? But Instagram won’t allow it. However, now you can zoom profile pictures with GB Instagram. You can also zoom and view any other images of your friends
  • Delete notifications:
    • With GB Instagram you can also delete unwanted notifications. It allows you to filter and alter your notification bar.
  • Colorful new themes:
    • GB Instagram offers new colorful themes to select from. You don’t have to see the boring one-color Instagram, now you can edit GB Instagram according to your favorite color and theme.
  • Hide online status:
    • If you want to get un-noticed while using the app, you can also hide your online status. So no one will be able to see you online. And you can enjoy peace time without constant messages of friends.
  • Mark favorite chats or messages:
    • Now you can Mark star on your favorite chats and messages so that they won’t get deleted by mistake.
  • Dual accounts:
    • This is the new feature of GB Instagram, it allows you to use two accounts on same GB Instagram app. This saves you from continuous logging and un-logging. If you have many Instagram accounts for example one can have different personal and business accounts so this app is for you. Along with original Instagram and GB Instagram you can use multiple accounts on same phone maximum up to 4 accounts.
  • Built-in translator:
    • This app also has built-in translator for the users who have foreign friends or followings. This feature allows you to understand other languages. It gives translated lines below the actual foreign languages line in the caption and messages.
  • Is it safe?
  • GB Instagram is totally secure. This app does not have any rooting or banning issues. It means you won’t get banned by using this app. It is fully safe to use. GB Instagram is free and there are no additional charges in this app.
  • How to download?
  • GB Instagram does not come from the official Instagram developers so it is not available in Playstore. But you can download its safe and secure APK file from our website.
  • Now download GB Instagram and have fun with it’s additional features.
Apk File Information
Version: (131223243)
Size:38.9 MB
Updated Date:Nov 27, 2021
Android version:Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)

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