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If you are a professional then you must have to manage much of your work with emailing. And when it comes to emailing then the world’s most trusted and popular email facility is provided by the Gmail app.

Gmail is a free app to allow you to send the email officially and instantly with instant notifications. Indeed this app is the best design with the best features.


Gmail app has several features and I’m going to discuss the best 7 features below:

  • You can use Gmail offline mode whenever you have a bad internet connection. All you need to do is to enable the offline mode on the Gmail account and then select a specific number of days with emails for your account so that you might be able to work with them offline.
  • Share your important emails in a 100% confidential way. That’s because the app keeps your privacy by giving you a feature of the expiry date and passcode for confidential emails.

You can set up an expiry date for the email and also you can create your pin code, so no one else can read your email. The more interesting thing is that the confidential setting will not allow the recipient to save, download or forward the email content. Isn’t that fantastic? Now you can keep all your official emails safe.

  • Using Gmail from any device is not an issue at all. This feature is a favorite for those who have to log in from different places through different devices. Once you get that you are going to the office and have to continue your task there from a laptop, you can log out from Gmail in your PC.

Then log in from the laptop in office. Also, you can make as many Gmail accounts as you want. And can log in from different accounts at any time.

  • Now, this feature is exactly made for the official people. In case you are receiving a lot of emails in working hours, you can snooze the emails of a certain email address or as many as you want.

The snoozed email will be there again in your notification when the snoozing time is over and you will be able to respond to it.

  • In case you are messed up with a lot of work and you have to send important emails at odd ttimings then you don’t need to worry at all. You will be pleased to rely on Gmail’s scheduled email sending feature.

This feature allows you to create an email and save with the timing you want to send on. For example, you can create an email on a desktop site and click on the arrow next to the send button. It will allow you to set the timing of sending the email.

Once you have decided on the date and time, the email will be sent at the exact time without bothering you.

Cell phone users can press the three dots on the upper corner of the application while writing the email.

  • I f you want to save time while typing an email or even if you are confused with the correct word usage, Google is there to help you out. When you are typing the sentence, Google suggests the next words with exact usage so you don’t have to trouble with the sentence formation. So, play with words while typing!

 In order to save you from any scammer, Gmail has a scam folder to filter and throw all the scam emails and offers if there is a doubtful source.

These features have made the Gmail app the most useful and trending app as millions of users are using this app for the above-mentioned features. When are you going to use it?

Apk File Information
Version:2021.10.17.407218946.Release (62925496)
Size:91.4 MB
Updated Date:13 Jan, 2022
Android version:Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Developer:Google Inc.

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