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Do you have any idea where your files are saved when you create or edit any file through the office suite?

No? Well, they are saved on Google Drive. Don’t know what Google Drive is?

Don’t worry, that is what I’m going to discuss today and, not only this, but I will also discuss some hidden features of this drive that will be new for many readers.

Check it out!

  • What is Google Drive?

On April 24, 2012, Google launched a synchronization service to store files in it. Google Drive is good for storing files, synchronizing the files and sharing them further with others.

Do you know?  Google provides us with 15GB free storage that is further used by Google Drive. Here in this drive, we further save our pictures, videos, assignments, articles, email attachments and we can also make a backup of these pictures and videos on Google Drive.


  • Do you need extensive space? Well, get that all with G suit’s Business and Enterprise editions because this edition provides you with the flexible range of storage.
  • With Google Drive, you can get updates even if you don’t have searched for them. That’s because Google AI indicates what is important for you according to your media and thus, by using Quick access and ML-based search enhancement features, Google Drive connects you with the files that need your attention.
  • You can share the file or any other document with your whole team or friends just by keeping the files in shared drives. Sharing the file in shared drives is easy to manage and all your team can access it once you send it there. So, no need to send any file to a whole list of friends separately.
  • If you are in a hurry or if you hate waiting then Google Drive is meant for you. How? Well, any file kept in Google Drive can be accessed directly through this drive instead of waiting for a whole bunch of files to sync and respond for you. It is a smart shortcut.
  • If you want to keep the files in a shared drive and want only a few friends to view it, then you can keep privacy by allowing permission to the user before downloading the file. Furthermore, being highly professional, you can also give an expiry date to that file.
  • You can work directly from Google Drive on your MS Word files and can open as many files at the moment as you can. You can reach up to 40 files to open all of them at once. These files can also include PDF and MPEGs files. Thanks to the plugins for MS Office and Outlook!
  • Do you know about the latest feature in Google Drive? Well, if no then let me tell you that. Google has made the facility to comment directly on the MS Office file without opening it into a word document. The commented file, wherever shared, will show the comment to whoever will open it. You will see an “add comment” section when you open your file for edit.
  •  You can back up your data if you want to reset your system or PC, all you have to do is just to go to settings then back up and then you can select whatever you want to keep as a backup. Then reset the system as you want.
  • At the bottom of your Gmail compose window, you will find a file sharing option that is share via link. For documents, sheets, slides etc. You can use the link. However, for sharing PDF, word documents, images etc. You can share the attachment. Furthermore, the Google Drive link also shares the file that is up to 25MB.

I have shared all the basic features of Google Drive here. However, according to time, the apps get updated and come up with the latest features. Do let me know which of the above features is new for you?

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Android version:Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Developer:Google Inc.

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