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One of the top assassin gaming network.

Hunter Assassin game clarifies its specification in the field of gaming network. Do you like assassin games? Do you want to cut your stress ? Nothing to worry about.

Hunter Assassin belongs to a list of assassin games, collaborated as Apk gaming network, and applicable on other platforms such as Google Play Store, IOS, Windows. All these versions of Hunter Assassin is one of the best known gaming categories. All the reviews are positive about this gaming app on all platforms.

A Glance through the game

This game has levels that are approached by hunting the targets set up by the game control. These special targets will give you rewards and scores and ultimately help you to reach the next level.

These targets will be hunted down by the specialized machine guns provided you. You need to be careful while approaching the targets.

Hunting these targets will give you gems. These gems will help you to unlock faster assassins and score more and reach the next levels and targets.

What about the Subscriptions to unlock Faster Assassin?

Hunter Assassin
a one of the most played assassin games, but it has some subscription policies too. When you download the game, it gives you a three-day free trial to enjoy the amazing features.

This is for faster assassin features. There are other free trial features which you can enjoy without any payment.

After the free trial, game control charges $7.99 per week. This weekly subscription allows the user to enjoy super exciting features as in ninja assassin characters, 5000+ gems to unlock other assassin levels and many more.
Same goes for after the subscription for a week ends, you need to subscribe these features again. To unlock other exciting characters of Assassin, and to buy gems, it is all up to you, to pay more than enjoy more. These payments can be done by iTunes account, Google account and other payment platforms world-wide.

If you are fond of such games, just download Hunter Assassin and enjoy the exciting assassin environment.

It has revealed new features as the next levels and bug fixes features to engage users with its best features.

This gaming app has 847K+ reviews on Google Play Store and approximately 100M+ downloads. So, what are you waiting for?

Just download Hunter Assassin to get rid of your boredom. It’s more than worth playing game.

Apk File Information
Package name:com.rubygames.assassin
Size:38.79 MB
Updated Date:Nov 27, 2021
Android version:Android 4.1+
Developer:Ruby Game Studio

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