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Which board game is the most popular for passing leisure time?

Which game do you play when friends or cousins stay over?

You are thinking what I am thinking?

Then you are thinking right…


LUDO is the most popular classic board game that has been played for centuries. It is a strategic board game that requires planning and decision-making skills. Now in this world where everything is becoming online so Ludo has also made his debut in the mobile world. There are many Ludo apps but today we are talking about the amazing Ludo king.


Ludo king is the most amazing Ludo game developed online. It offers so many features, modes, options and a Surprise. It can be played between 2 to 6 people online and offline. This app is so popular that it has over 300 million downloads. Ludo king offers it’s users a very smooth and simple play with so much fun. If a person had a long day at office, he/she can easily relax while playing this peaceful game. This game is must have for board game lovers. It also help people in bonding with each other.

Ludo King has numerous features and Game modes.

  • Offline mode:

Ludo king delivers two types of offline modes; Vs Computer and Vs local player. You can play offline game against computer by selecting easy, medium or hard level or you can play with your friends by choosing local multiplayer mode. It can be played between 2, 3 or 4 players. Local multiplayer mode means other players have to be present with you so you all can play on one phone by shifting phone to each other after every turn.

  • Online mode:

Online mode offers playing with random players that are playing this game. In an online match, player are chosen randomly by computer.

  • Betting on coins:

Every match is played on betting of coins. If you win the game, you get all the coins. This feature makes this game more interesting.

  • Private tables:

If you want to play with your friends online then private table is the best option. You can create your own table and play with friends virtually or online. For online multiplayer, players are not required to be present physically. One can play in private table by sitting at his home. Only internet connection is needed for online playing.

  • Connect to the Facebook:

Ludo king allows you to connect this game to your Facebook account. So that all your friends playing this game will appear online to you and you can even add game buddies within this app. Whenever your friends are online you can play with them in a private table.

  • Live Chat and Emojis:

The bestest feature of this game is live chatting. You can chat with other players during the game. Ludo king also puts on some funny emojis or instant messages related to game so you can directly send them instead of typing long messages.

  • Themes:

This game come in different themes instead of boring appearances. Some colorful themes are nature, pinball, candy, disco, Christmas.

  • Choose your color:

Unlike other games this game allows you to choose your token color between red, yellow, blue or green. You can choose your favorite or lucky color.

  • Daily gifts:

Ludo king provides daily gifts to it’s users by daily spins or other methods. Gifts are usually coins, gems, boosters etc.


Last but not the least, this game Ludo King has a surprise for it’s users. If you get bore with normal Ludo then you can switch to the most famous and nostalgic game of your childhood “Snake & Ladder”.

Yes, Ludo king has this additional mini game. You can play this game with your friends and get a trip down to your memory lane.

After knowing about so many features and surprise, what are you waiting for? Download Ludo king from our website, we have it’s apk file for you and start playing. Also do tell us how much you liked it by giving your precious review.

Apk File Information
Package name:com.ludo.king
Version: (202)
Size:53.1 MB
Updated Date:Nov 27, 2021
Android version:Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)

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