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Pakistan Citizen Portal

Being a Pakistani citizen, are you aware of PCP?  If you are, then are you using the application?

 Well, if you don’t know about it then this is the most important application for you to use in order to stay connected with the government. Don’t understand it? Read below:

  • Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal is a government tool that virtually plays the roll of connection between the government and the people. The KPK government has set up this platform through a performance management cell.

As obviously, the government owns it, it allows the Pakistani public to access the government and keep informing it about the problems on the whole. This strategy is developed to maintain the rights of the people and wipe out the sufferings. People can update the government with the current situation of health care, law, and justice, educational problems, etc.

The government takes notice of all the important matters as it is the responsibility. Also, the government receives the update of productivity as well.

  • How to make an account on PCP?

Now the question arises that how you create an account and how you can use this app? Well, this is not a herculean task at all!

You just need to :

  • Provide your full name and gender.
  • Procure your date of birth, CNIC and passport numbers.

And that’s all! Your account will be activated.

  • Is the app worth it?

Looking at the bright side of the picture, this application has proved to be a beacon in the dark for the public. As they cannot access the higher authorities, they are at least able to report their complaint against any kind of injustice of corruption.

PCP app is portable with both IOS as well as with Beta Android devices. However, iPhone users can take advantage of the app also. The system behind this app has made sure that once a citizen files a complaint, it is reached directly to the concerned authorities.

The app management has also claimed that one click of the complaint accesses 7000 government and provincial offices. They filter the complain and check the location to figure out the issues of the location.

Thanks to the new Prime Minister Imran Khan who settled the system of Pakistan Citizen Portal on 28 October 2018.

This positive step by the present P.M has been a sign of hope among the suffering humanity who are waiting for justice and equality to prevail in the country.

The Prime Minister has been handling all the complaints received, as all the officials have to send him a daily report of public issues. He has assured to provide a straight forward system for even private institutions and the government officials are also in the same list.

When the app was launched, within an year it has made great progress as people had rushed towards this opportunity for conveying their untold complaints. During the first year of the application, 1.23 million complains we’re reported from all over the country ( except a few backward locations where the app has no access). The solved cases  were 1,057,334 that was a great success.

Overviewing the reviews and the performance, we can admit that the app has really worked out for the natives. However, not only the natives of the country, but Pakistan people living abroad can also take advantage of the PCP application.

  • Strong plus for the app
  • The app is aesthetically designed with 0% complexity at all.
  • It is active in responding.
  • The app is trustworthy about giving personal data.
  • Handles the problems really soon.

However, the suggestion option is not available in the app, yet the app has scored really good till now so I really suggest you to install this application for free!

Apk File Information
Package name:com.govpk.citizensportal
Size:27 MB
Updated Date:13 Jan, 2022
Android version:4.1 and up
Developer:National IT Board, Government Of Pakistan

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