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Have you ever used Skype on your Computer? Or

Have you used to skype for video calling your friends or relatives living abroad from your PC?

This cool 2000’s (noughties!!) classic application is now transformed into our modern app.


Skype is the telecommunication application that lets you make phone calls, video calls, group calls, and send messages.

Skype has entered into the world of mobile apps with all features and charms it possessed in its desktop version. It is the oldest video calling app that has mark a stamp on the name of video calling and up till now no application is able to take its place. Skype allows you to talk to friends and family by voice/video calls, SMS or instant messages. It authorizes calls between computers, tablets, mobile phone, landlines or smartwatches (Yes! You read right landline and mobile phone calls too). Skype is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Blackberry and Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. Skype now even comes in built-in forms in latest android, IOS and windows mobiles.


It was initially launched on August 29, 2003 by Swede Niklas Zennström and Dane Janus Friis from Denmark whereas for mobile phone it was launched in 2011 when Microsoft acquired skype communications.


Skype is the 6th most downloaded app of decade (from 2010 to 2020). It has approximately 663 million active users. Skype is one of the most popular communication platforms of the world.

Skype is popular because of its multiple features. It came into existence at the time when internet or smartphone were not very common, so skype can be called as the originator of video calling, conference calling, image sharing etc. It is available in 108 languages.


Following are some feature of Skype:

  • Skype account:

Account can be easily created on Skype. You have to sign up with email address, password and some basic information. (And Tada!!! You are ready to use Skype).

  • Instant messaging:

Skype allows it’s users to send instant messages ‘IMs’. Text, video, audio, images or documents can be sent through Skype instant messaging. You can also share funny sticker, emoticons and GIF images on Skype.

  • Voice or video call:

Skype allows its users to create audio or video call to friends for free (because skype is a freemium app) just a stable internet connection is required.

  • Group chat:

Skype also contains group chat feature. You can add 300 people in a skype group chat.

  • Conference calls:

Skype support video conference calls up to 50 people. This feature really helped many people for business conferences, online classes, group studies and friends’ gossips.

  • Screen sharing:

Screen sharing is the most unique feature of skype (many other apps have copied this feature). It allows you to share your mobile screen with other member of video call to share some information. Screen sharing can be done for up to 50 people at a single time.


Skype premium is a Skype account that comes with additional features that cost money. Those features are

  • Emergency calls: Emergency call feature is valid in United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Finland.
  • Landline or Phone Calls: Skype allows it users to call on any landline number or mobile number.
  • Skype number: This feature is available in some countries only. User gets a particular skype number and is able to call on other Skype numbers from anywhere at anytime.


Skype can be easily downloaded in your phone. Just reach out to it’s apk file on our website, we offer free and secure installation of Skype. Download Skype and you are ready to go. Send instant messages, do video calls to your friends and have fun. (Furthermore, in this quarantine period Skype can become very useful tool to create online business meeting, classes or for friends chatting. Have some fun in former ways by using Skype).

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