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Are you a photo freak?

Are you bored with your normal phone camera?

Does switching between different apps for editing the picture or adding filters, sticker and effects frustrate you?

Would you believe if I say there is an app that includes all these features like adding filters, stickers, effects or you can even share your picture with friends?


Please don’t be because, YES, this all is available in just one app.


This is surely good news for photo lovers. You can enjoy everything in one app. Now let us see what is actually Snapchat is?

Snapchat is a popular social networking app that allows its users to share self-destructive photos and videos.”

Self-destructive photos mean the pictures or videos shared on the Snapchat will be automatically deleted after being viewed or 24 hours. This is the most exceptional feature and is the biggest reason behind the popularity of Snapchat. Snapchat is a photo sharing and instant messaging app. It has almost 200 million daily active users.

Snapchat has numerous features, let me list them down for you.

  • This app is being used worldwide thus; it is available in almost 24 languages. Some of the common languages in which Snapchat is available are English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.
  • It allows addition of filters, effects, stickers and text on the photos taken by it’s camera.
  • Videos can also be made with snap chat. It allows users to record videos but the videos are divided in 10-second snaps.
  • Photos and videos taken from Snapchat are called Snaps.
  • One of the most important privacy features of snap chat is that the snaps shared on the story are only available for 24 hours. They will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. And the snaps shared in the messages are only available for one time viewing and cannot be saved by the recipient.
  • Another important privacy feature is that viewers cannot take screenshot of your snaps. If they do, snap chat will notify you.
  • You can easily add your friends by using their Username or you can try “Add nearby feature”, it allows you to see people using Snapchat near you. You can easily locate and add your friends or acquaintances by this feature.
  • Snapchat contains cute and funny lenses that works with face detection. You can create super cute and funny photos using these lenses. Snapchat lenses are also available in other social media apps like Skype, Messenger, Zoom etc.
  • Snapchat also contains Geo-filters and Geo-stickers that work according to your location. You automatically get the filter and sticker of your current location it can be any city, street or restaurant.
  • Snapchat allows it users to make loop videos. It will make video to repeat in a loop. This feature is also called Boomerang.
  • It includes Backdrop feature that allows users to cut a particular part of photos and add colors to that part. So, any photo that has bad background or someone unwanted you can easily backdrop it.
  • Voice filter allows users to add cute filter to the voices in video snaps.
  • Memories is the storage of Snapchat. All the snaps are being saved in the memory. You can easily see your old snaps from there and download it in your device.
  • Along with the features Snapchat also provide some services that are
  • Snap Map: Snap Map is the feature of snapchat that allows users to see the all the active users of the world. One can also view public stories in the Snap Map. This feature was introduced in 2017.
  • Snap Cash: Snap Cash feature was introduced in 2014. It is powered by Square. This feature allows users to exchange money through snapchat.

Snapchat was created by Even Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. This application is compatible for both operating systems that are Android and IOS. You may also get assistance from Snap chat help. You can easily download it from play store. Apk version of Snapchat is also available with all the features and characteristics.

Now install Snapchat and have fun with its multi-featured camera.

Apk File Information
Version: (84565)
Size:85.4 MB
Updated Date:13 Jan, 2022
Android version:Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Developer:Snap Inc

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