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Youtube Apk

Which app comes to your mind when you have to search any song, movie or documentary?

Which app helps you to calm your child during a tantrum?

Which app offers you to watch your favorite dramas, if you have missed them on T.v?

Is it YouTube?

Do you know about the features of YouTube?

YouTube is an amazing app with loads of advantages and features.

YouTube is a video hosting site that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload their own videos. It is a video search engine that is being used worldwide. YouTube allows its users to upload, view, rate, report, comment and subscribe to the videos and channels.

YouTube has many impressive features. Some of the cream features are:

  • High-Quality Videos: YouTube offers it’s users high quality videos. You can choose between different qualities like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p or 720p according to your internet connection.
  • Captions: Videos on YouTube are available in many languages. For the better understanding YouTube offers captions in some basic languages. You can customize caption setting.
  • Largest library of videos: YouTube has the largest variety of video content. It includes almost everything. You can find everything on YouTube from songs to DIY videos. YouTube suits for all ages and genders. It has content for everyone.
  • Offline mode: This is the bestest feature of YouTube. It allows you to download your favorite videos so that you can see them when offline.
  • Playlists: YouTube also allows you to create your online playlist in the library section of the app. You can create many playlists according to the genre or type of the videos, this makes them easy to search.
  • Account: Exclusive account is not needed on YouTube you can sign in from your google account also. YouTube is the subsidiary of Google so it follows googles accounts.
  • Dark/light mode: YouTube comes in two color modes; dark and light. You can set mode according to your taste.
  • Restricted Mode: This is an appreciable feature; it allows you to restrict video recommendations or searching. It stops mature content or violent videos to appear on your feed. Hence this feature makes this app safe for kids use.
  • Incognito: YouTube incognito mode allow you to browse privately. This feature disables search history and watch history.
  • Report: YouTube allows you to report mature, abusive and violent content. It has proper terms and conditions about the content of videos that can be uploaded on YouTube. If you ever find any disturbing video just report it. YouTube management will take further actions.
  • Like and Comment: You can also like and comment on the videos you like. And, there is a dislike button too. You can also dislike a video of you didn’t like it.
  • Make your own channel: Users can make their own channel to upload their videos. YouTube allows you to create free channel.
  • Earn money:  You can also earn money from YouTube. Earning from it is quite simple. You have to gather 1000 likes or views to earn money. YouTube offer $4 for every 1000 likes.
  • Use for advertising or Promotion: Many organizations use YouTube for promotional purpose. It is great app for advertising. It brings a vast audience that can become beneficial for advertisement purpose.

YouTube is a free service that kills people’s boredom and helps many people to learn things. This great app was launched 15 years ago in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Jared Karim also posted the first ever video on YouTube. YouTube has over 2 billion active users. It now comes as a built-in app in many android phones, but if you don’t have YouTube in your phone Then hurry up download its apk file from our website and get entertained.

Following is an Apkm file of Youtube

Apk File Information
Version:16.46.37 (1524493760)
Size:100.9 MB
Updated Date:Nov 27, 2021
Android version:Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Developer:Google Inc.

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